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How to Lobby for a City or State Payroll Week

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your city and state joined the NPW celebration? Simply ask your mayor and/or governor to issue an official “National Payroll Week”proclamation –it’s easier than you might think!

  1. Begin by contacting your mayor or governor’s office for information about the procedures for enacting a proclamation. This is not an uncommon request, and most city/state officials have very simple procedures in place for the process. Ask the person to whom you speak if he/she will be your contact through the process. If not, obtain the name and phone number of the person with whom you will be interacting.

  2. Be sure that the week you request is the same week in which Labor Day falls –that’s when National Payroll Week takes place every year.
  3. Your proclamation request packet should include the following:
    • A letter explaining your goal in encouraging a city/state payroll week
    • Sample language for the official proclamation
    • Information about National Payroll Week
    • Information about the American Payroll Association
  4. Ask your contact if there is any additional information needed to complete your package, and find out where you should send your completed request packet.
  5. Once you’ve sent your packet, maintain correspondence with your contact by following up within two weeks to determine the progress of your request. Ask when a decision will be made and when you can expect to be notified.

Once your proclamation has been adopted, be sure to write your mayor or governor, and anyone else who helped you through the process, and thank them for their assistance and support!


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