Ways To Celebrate National
Payroll Week

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Ways to Celebrate
National Payroll Week

Help us spread the word!

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Teach “Paychecks 101”

When people understand the payroll withholding system, they make better decisions about maximizing their paycheck. You can help increase public understanding of the payroll process in many ways:

Volunteer to educate high school students with the Money Matters National Education Day curriculum.

Contact your local library or civic organizations and present a workshop on payroll management and compliance issues for small business owners in your area.

Host a “Paychecks 101” workshop for local businesses that employ teens and young adults. Many hospitals, care centers, and restaurants have teenage employees who often don’t understand what payroll deductions are or how payroll withholding works.  Use the lesson from Money Matters National Education Day to make teaching a breeze.

Gain Recognition for NPW

Many people outside of the payroll industry have never heard of National Payroll Week. Remedy this in your community by gaining local exposure for the national event in the following ways:

Work with the local media (newspapers, radio, or TV stations) to get exposure for NPW activities.

Obtain a proclamation from your local or state government. The attention from mayors and governors draws attention to NPW. Be sure your message is magnified at the local level by submitting a proclamation request early.

Use Social Media to spread the word about NPW to your friends, family, neighbors, and associates.

Give Back

Adopt a community service project close to your heart and make a difference in your community. Things you can do to give back include:

Raise college scholarship money for teens through a silent auction.

Organize a food drive for your local food bank, homeless shelter or volunteer your efforts at a soup kitchen.

Offer to be a mentor to student business groups.

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