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Make your city and state a part of the NPW celebration.

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Make your city and state a part of the NPW celebration.

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Make your city and state a part of the NPW celebration by asking your mayor and/or governor to issue a proclamation! You can request an official “National Payroll Week” proclamation in five easy steps:
  1. Contact the Government Official’s Office
    Request information about procedures for enacting a proclamation from the official’s local office. Many elected officials have simple procedures for the process. Ask the person you speak with if he/she will be the contact through the process. If not, obtain contact information of the person coordinating the proclamation. Many local governments allow you to submit a simple request online.
  2. Verify Dates
    NPW starts on Labor Day, so check your calendar to identify the right week.
  3. Submit Your Proclamation Packet
    Your proclamation request packet should include a letter explaining our goal in encouraging payroll week, sample language for the official proclamation, and information about NPW and PayrollOrg.
  4. Request Any Additional Information
    Talk to your contact to ensure you have everything you need to complete your proclamation request packet and find out where you should mail your completed request.
  5. Follow Up
    Once you’ve sent your packet, maintain correspondence with your contact by following up within two weeks to determine the status of your request.
Once your proclamation has been accepted, be sure to write your elected official to thank them for their assistance and support of National Payroll Week!

Helpful hint: Be sure to visit your officials’ website in advance. Many local governments now allow you to submit a simple proclamation request online.

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