Spread the word and raise awareness of the payroll profession.


Spread the word and raise awareness of the payroll profession.

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Help National Payroll Week Make Headlines

Obtaining media coverage for NPW is one of the best ways to spread the word and raise awareness of the payroll profession.

There are lots of great Public Relations strategies you can use to promote National Payroll Week:

  • Teaching a “Payroll 101” class in conjunction with NPW at a local high school or business.
  • Partnering with a local charity like Dress for Success to impact your community.
  • Submitting NPW-related articles or Op-Eds for publication to a community publication or local newspaper.
  • Educating your community through public service announcements about NPW for your local radio and television stations.

All of the activities may interest the media in your local area. Be sure to let PAYO know about your efforts to get the word out!

Each tactic has a targeted audience. PayrollOrg can provide a list of media in your specific area to help you find the right person to tell your story. Keeping reading for more tips to make your NPW activities media-genic.

Capture Media Interest

Before contacting the media to pitch a story, you need to determine if your story is newsworthy. The media is always interested in human-interest stories, because they can use human interest stories in newscasts, articles, and columns. Topics of interest include:

  • Receiving NPW proclamations
  • Community service in conjunction with NPW
  • Educating local students on paycheck basics through the Money Matters program

After you consider your audience and select your topic, write a press release to alert the media. Ensure you have identified the best contact for your story and send your release directly to that person. Follow-up with your contact through email or phone two or three days later. If your release catches the reporter’s attention and you are contacted for an interview, read through some sample Q & A’s and interviewing tips to know what to expect from the interviewer.

If you are hosting an event and would like a member of the media to attend, send a media advisory instead of a press release. Media advisories only cover the specifics of the event taking place. While you may not obtain a story from the event, photos may be published throughout different media outlets.

Build a Relationship

If you receive media coverage for your NPW activities, send a personal thank you note to the journalist who covered your story. Stay in touch with that journalist for possible future coverage.

If you don’t succeed the first time you pitch your story or event, don’t give up. Obtaining media coverage is often a matter of building relationships and catching a reporter’s attention at the right time. If you make it a point to keep in touch without being pushy, many journalists are more likely to give you a break and cover your story in the future.

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